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Community driven improvement




Everyone participating in your success

Want to get everyone involved in your progress as a company? With Fieldio, everyone is accountable. Anonymous feedback is built into the platform for supervisors and field workers - enabling you to see places for improvement and overall team pulse.



Built-in feedback in the same platform


Anonymous feedback channels

Some feedback is better shared anonymously. You as HR can manage how the feedback is shown and to whom, and more importantly, have visibility over how employees are feeling and what they need to succeed.

Communication channels for feedback

Feedback can also be shared through communication channels set up for specified groups or pairings in Fieldio with HR involvement. These channels provide a low threshold to share suggestions and make a plan together on how to move forward.

Get your employees involved in making your company the best place to work

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field workers different areas


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  • Self-Onboarding & Registration
  • Digital Employee File
  • Safety Notifications & News
  • Communication Channels
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Integrate to Anything

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