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HR and team

Extend HR services to

Bringing your people, processes, and data together under one roof

Why Fieldio?


An HR Solution that is built for you, your field force, and your collective success

Imagine if there was one platform making your company's core human resource services accessible to your entire field force - without a large IT integration project.

Fieldio is that platform. 





Automation and unification throughout

Support your fieldforce's success with more points for engagement and a unique and seamless employee experience. Support your success with automation- saving time and manual work. Fieldio's automated processes benefit everyone.






Fieldio Features


A seamless onboarding journey

Working with a fragmented onboarding process requiring training? First impressions count – only with Fieldio can you shorten, unify, and automate onboarding for all parties involved – including automated monitoring, approvals, and workflow.






Communication with teams

Trouble reaching your people? Fieldio is your single point of communication with channels for everything from how’s-it-goings to safety alerts. Engage your people through one platform usable on any device, anywhere.


Share with your people without fog

Need a streamlined, customized notification system? With Fieldio you can inform and notify field workers, supervisors, and various groups with critical information, news, and notifications easily through the platform without delivery errors in real time.




Community driven improvement

Want to get everyone involved in your progress as a company? With Fieldio, everyone is accountable. Anonymous feedback is built into the platform for supervisors and field workers – enabling you to see places for improvement and overall team pulse.


Broad visibility

Need improved visibility to make HR decisions more easily? With Fieldio you have a unified view of your employees – all employee data; qualifications, certifications, messaging, notifications.



Integrate with your HRM System

Worried about extra work? No need – integrate Fieldio to what you have, fast. Take full benefit of Fieldio's features for yourself and your people in 2 weeks time


Fieldio Key Values

Accelerate your workforce management processes. Enjoy the benefits of automated processes for all the features traditionally found in an enterprise-class HR management system

icon-apps Any Device Web and mobile applications allow access anywhere, anytime, from any device
icon-integration Integration

Integrate legacy systems and utilize pre-built integration tools

icon-cloud-secure Platform

Deploy a 100% cloud-native (multi-tenant) secure platform

icon-data-secure Secure data Rely on a state-of-the-art data and infrastructure security environment
icon-critical-data Critical data Highlight the relevant business critical data that requires action
icon-reduce-manual-work Control

Replace broken processes and manual labor and fully control your workflows

icon-optimisation Optimization Optimize processes alongside your business needs and growth
icon-enterprize Enterprise-level Use robust operations and functionalities meeting Enterprise-level demands

Who is Fieldio for?

For companies with 500+ employees



For Enterprises


For HR


For Supervisors


For Field Workers

Features tailored to your enterprise priorities

Fieldio provides the tools HR, Supervisors, and Field Workers need for productivity


  • FOR HR

Fieldio has everything HR- all in one solution from onboarding, communication, employee data, and more.


Key benefits:

  • Have a single view of all the crucial data you need 
  • Understand and be notified of what needs your attention  
  • Purge manual work  
  • Experience an optimized user experience (UX) 
  • Reduce the need for training 
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention 
  • Minimize operational costs 
  • Simply manage and view reports 
  • Integrate with your favorite tools 
  • Stay connected 24/7 

A high level of employee engagement decreases accidents by 50%. Fieldio is here to support this goal, you, and your workforce.


Key benefits:

  • Quickly locate and communicate with your people 
  • Increase accountability for safety 
  • Send alert messages with location, picture, and/or video 
  • Develop risk awareness and a safety culture within your workforce 
  • Easily send approvals with the help of automation 
  • Have a single view of all the crucial data you need 
  • Understand and be notified of what needs your attention 
  • Track and monitor field worker certification statuses 
  • Purge manual work

By 2020, 96% of workers were already mobile in some way. Fieldio is here to support your transformation.


Key benefits:

  • Simplify onboarding, information gathering, and reporting 
  • Get your field workers in full productive state in 5 minutes - without extra training 
  • Upload certifications and track status 
  • Eliminate multiple applications 
  • Become device agnostic – from anywhere, at anytime 
  • Leverage the wizard-based and intuitive user interface 
  • Field workers can use the interfaces in their native language

field workers different areas


Would you like to hear more about Fieldio?

The qualifications are top-notch- let our team guide you through Fieldio's main features and discuss how we can provide value for your processes- fast.

  • Self-Onboarding & Registration
  • Digital Employee File
  • Safety Notifications & News
  • Communication Channels
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Integrate to Anything

Begin your digital business transformation journey today through automating your day-to-day processes with Fieldio. Contact us today!